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Among the various framework of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT available bootstrap is the most famous among all of them. Bootstrap is an open source web framework is available for the free development of the front-end of the website. It contains several templates based on HTML and CSS that we can use for creating several interface components like buttons, forms, and navigation tools etc. It supports JAVASCRIPT extensions too.

It is only concerned with the front-end development of any website, unlike another framework. Bootstrap holds the second most starred position on GitHub. It supports the responsive web design i.e. if a page is designed in bootstrap then it will adjust itself dynamically by taking the properties of the device. Using bootstrap helps in providing the uniformity, advance appearance to the text, tables and different element of a web page.

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The Amility team is very committed to providing fast, thorough and customer oriented service. They are always available when needed. They provide thoughtful advice and well-designed websites. The "back end" system that they install for websites is very easy to use. They are considered part of our company's team and we have no hesitation recommending them.

Phillip, Germany

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